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Express Electronics - Distributor Of Electronic Components

We are one of the largest stocking distributors in the UK with just over 175,000 lines of inventory

Express Electronics is one of the largest and fasting growing stocking distributors of electronic components in the UK. Express Electronics is a search engine and electronic store for electronic components. Search across hundreds of brands and manufacturers, our warehouse stocks thousands of excess electronic components in the UK that will suit your business needs and requirements. Being a distributor of electronic components, our team at Express Electronics, will make sure your electronic components are shipped out immediately to ensure your business can operate at full capacity.

Whether you’re looking to buy hard to find, long lead time, allocation, end of life or sell your excess electronic components, Express Electronics should be your first contact. From semiconductors, integrated circuits, connectors, Mosfet’s, LED’s, LCD’s Resistors, Capacitors and fuses, we stock all our electronic components in our own warehouse in York. This means that we can effectively and efficiently distribute our electronic components the same day orders are placed. At any given time, Express Electronics has thousands of products in stock which are ready to be shipped from our UK warehouse. Therefore, there are no lead times for in-stock electronic components with worldwide shipment available, Express Electronics can cater to the needs of businesses on a global scale, reaching more markets within the electronics industry. We also guarantee to beat franchise price on all electronic components held in stock. Express Electronics are leading suppliers and distributors of electronic components world-wide.

Express Electronics is an independent UK distributor of electronic components for hundreds of well-established manufacturing brands. We stock, Commercial, Military, Active and obsolete components. Within our electronic component product portfolio, we stock and distribute semiconductors, connectors, passive electronics, inductors, fuses and so much more. We aim to offer our customers an unrivalled range of high-quality electronic components and electrical solutions whilst delivering first class customer service.

As well as distributing our large range of stocked electronic components, Express Electronics is a UK industry leader in sourcing long-lead time, hard to find and obsolete electronic components. With a strong account management team and supply chain management system, we will successfully source your required electronic components to ensure you can operate efficiently with minimal down time. With a UK based warehouse, Express Electronics is also able to buy your excess electronic components or manage your excess stock with our efficient inventory management systems. Selling or consigning your excess electronics has never been easier.

At Express Electronics, we’re highly trained and work hard to source your desired electronic components and work to deliver your components as quickly as possible across the world. With our incredible industry experience we are able to buy and sell electronic components internationally to meet our clients’ needs. We understand the value of having an expert available to answer your questions, that’s why our team with over 100 years of combined industry experience is on hand to answer your questions regarding sourcing components. Shop our online electronic components store and find your missing or obsolete component.


Based in York, UK we like to do things our own way and we are always striving to innovate and adapt to the changes of a fast-paced market.

Our growth is evident in the amount of stock we hold and our level of returning customers. Our wealth of experience is an area we are most proud of. Most members of the team have been with the company more than 15 Years and that experience is reflected in everything we do.

We hold over 175,000 lines of stock on site ready for same day dispatch.

Our staff and customer retention tells us everything we need to know about where we have been and where we are going

Be part of our journey and get in touch today


If we do not have it in stock or you need more than what we have on the shelf, get in touch and ask us. We aim to quote all enquiries within 30 mins during business hours.


We buy excess stock every day. If you are looking to sell your excess stock please get in touch. For more information please visit our sell excess stock page


Place a bulk order with us and benefit from volume pricing and call the stock off when ever you need it. This is a great service for when you are concerned about allocation or parts going end of life.


All our account managers have more than 10 years experience in the electronic components industry. Once you have an allocated account manager you will work with someone who understands your specific needs.


Everything we sell is guaranteed for form, fit and function giving you peace of mind everytime you place an order.



When you need hard to find or end of life electronic components quickly due to allocation, long lead times or obsolescence, contact Express Electronics.

With Express’ highly trained and skilled account managers, you are guaranteed to receive a fast response to your enquiries and reliable on time delivery.

Express Electronics has fulfilled thousands of OEM’s obsolete, shortage and day-to-day requirements for all types of electronic components including active, passive and electro-mechanical parts.

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